Study & Consultancy

We adopt a comprehensive approach to capacity development, using a wide range of tools to build human capital, not limiting ourselves to training and mentoring techniques. We believe that each person possesses innate potentials that can be harnessed, leading to positive change and personal growth. We measure success based on the learners’ capability and motivation to perform to their utmost.

Based on our experience in leading a large change management initiative, we know where the main bottlenecks are and what mechanisms are effective in increasing efficiency and transparency. We design, in partnership with our clients, systems, processes, standard operating procedures and guidelines that lead to real gains in institutional performance.

We design results frameworks and M&E plans for any scale of program large or small.

Drawing on an intimate knowledge of the country garnered through more than a decade of field experience, we develop qualitative and quantitative tools that are perfectly tailored to the Afghan context. Our tools are innovative, easy-to-use and efficient even in areas where the level of literacy is low or where access is reduced by insecurity.

Our sectoral expertise allows us to measure the impact of the capacity building, local governance, development and stabilization programs, as well as communication campaigns.

We use reliable and creative systems with proven success to collect, transfer, compile and analyze information. We have access to all districts of Afghanistan and have expertise in all regions of the country, so we can contextualize data and provide in-depth analysis on complex topics.

We invest in enhancing the capacity of our researchers, surveyors and enumerators so they can conduct quality interviews, focus group discussions, surveys and use other relevant tools in all districts of Afghanistan and within strict deadlines.

Our quality assurance process is innovative, comprehensive and adapted to each individual project. We use a variety of rigorous methods to verify information. We closely scrutinize the data collection process and if ever we have even the slightest doubt in the quality of the data, we discard it and start again. We are inflexible if field staff does not perform to our standards and we do not hesitate to train other staff if need be.

We have led or contributed to the development of several governments and USACE strategies and policies.

From our position as a recognized expert in several sectors in Afghanistan, we participate in policy dialogue. Using the depth of our experience and up-to-the-minute knowledge of conditions on the ground, we influence government strategies to better respond to the needs and aspirations of the population.

We provide peer review and coaching services to our clients, tailored for the development of specific technical capacities, and provide facilitation services for strategic planning sessions.