Water Treatment

Over the years we have cultivated a rich legacy of providing expert knowledge in the planning and design to offer our clients cost-effective solutions to meet their water quality goals and drinking water regulations.

Regulatory Requirements, Planning and Permitting

Through effective and efficient project planning, ASSIST Consultants Inc. (ACI) experts provide comprehensive services and expertise in regulatory requirements, planning and permitting to ensure project success, with services including:

  • Master planning
  • Economic and rate studies
  • Expertise in local requirements
  • Public outreach

Water Treatment Technologies

ASSIST Consultants Inc. (ACI) is at the forefront in the application of treatment technologies, including:

  • Conventional treatment technologies
  • Disinfection and oxidation
  • Membrane filtration
  • Advanced oxidation processes
  • On-site hypochlorite generation
  • Technologies for desalination water treatment

Preliminary and Detailed Design

Our multi-disciplinary design team blends expertise and proven reputation for innovative, quality to design for industrial and municipal water treatment projects, including:

  • Treatment system design support (Preliminary Engineering Reports)
  • Civil, chemical, electrical, geotechnical, hydraulic, instrumentation and control, mechanical, structural, architectural engineering and design, technical specifications
  • Technical, economic and financial feasibility studies
  • Water distribution system modeling and design
  • Bench-, pilot- and full-scale demonstration studies
  • New water treatment plants
  • Existing water treatment plant upgrades and expansions, including rehabilitation and retrofitting
  • QA/QC & Value Engineering

Water Treatment Operations

ASSIST Consultants Inc. (ACI) expertise runs the full lifecycle of a project, including partnering with our clients to determine best practices for operations, including:

  • Plant operations and optimization
  • Operator training
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • Equipment analysis and evaluation
  • Best treatment practices

Construction and Construction Management

We offer a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” pre-construction, construction and construction management services.