Water Resource

ASSIST Consultants Inc. (ACI) works closely with our clients to pioneer affordable solutions to protect, enhance, store and distribute water. Our water resources engineers have conducted thousands of investigations, water quality evaluations and basin management studies; and provided planning, design, and construction management services for water resources projects around the country.

ASSIST Consultants Inc. (ACI) has the technical resources, knowledge, and multi-disciplinary expertise to bring environmentally responsible water resources solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs and successfully address diverse stakeholder interests and regulatory requirements. Our team confidently applies experiences gained in emerging technologies to provide technical solutions that are sustainable, robust, and based on sound scientific and engineering analysis.

Regulatory Requirements, Planning and Permitting

Through effective and efficient project planning, ASSIST Consultants Inc. (ACI) experts provide comprehensive services and expertise in regulatory requirements, water resources planning and permitting to ensure project success, with services including:

  • Watershed planning and management
  • Alternative water supply planning
  • Water system master planning
  • Storm water management and master planning
  • Water resource information management
  • Integrated regional water management
  • Water supply asset management
  • Wastewater recycling and reuse
  • Natural resources economics
  • Water use regulatory policy assistance
  • Public outreach & stakeholder facilitation
  • Project feasibility studies
  • Planning approval applications
  • Beneficial reuse

Environmental Engineering Services

Our sustainable water resources management solutions minimize the impact projects have on the environment and surrounding communities, including:

  • Resources assessments and compliance
  • Permitting assistance
  • National Environment Protection Act (NEPA)
  • Impact analysis and mitigation strategies
  • Documentation and filing

Preliminary and Detailed Design

Our multi-disciplinary design team blends expertise and proven reputation for innovative, quality design for water resources projects, including:

  • Flood management
  • Deep injection wells

Construction and Construction Management

We offer a full range of high-value, “start-to-finish” pre-construction, construction and construction management services, including deep injection wells.

Start-up and Commissioning

ASSIST Consultants Inc. (ACI) expertise runs the full lifecycle of a project, including partnering with our clients for water resources system modeling during start-up and commissioning of projects.

Program Management

Our experts have a proven track record of providing program management services to deliver complex water resources programs, including water resources conservation program assistance.